Pine Meer Foundation

318 Avenue I, Suite 860

Redondo Beach, CA    90277

Susan Nunnery, Director & Secretary

L. Ried Schott, Founding Member

& Managing Director

Emails: slnunnery@hotmail.com


Phone: 888-272-8824 (9am-6pm Pacific)


Registered Office:

Dinsmore Agent Co.

255 E. Fifth Street, Suite 1900

Cincinnati, OH 45202

EIN: 82-3446209


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Above is the series of Pine Meer photos taken by W.B. Poyater in 1929 for Wm. C. Schott.

Please see a full page of these photos in the Sunday edition Cincinnati Enquirer on July 28, 1929.

All photographs are copyrighted and reproduction is prohibited without written permission

from the Pine Meer Foundation.

The background image shows the oak tree lined entrance on the right taken in 1972 taken by Virginia Schott.