Louis Schott was the brother, close friend and business associate of William C. Schott (Will).  They had such a good friendship that Will's son, or Lou, was named after him. Louis was very fond of his brother and nephew  and they often socialized together. Please see the photo depicting these three together at Pine Meer in 1930, next to Louis's Cadillac, on the right. 


Louis Schott married Melba Herrlinger and their daughter was Melba Ann. The couple had a home near Pine Meer located across from Western Hills Country Club on Neeb Road. 

Melba Ann Schott married Charles Townsend and the couple lived in Clifton, across from the University of Cincinnati. In the couple's later years, they honored Melba Ann's father and mother by establishing the Louis & Melba Schott Foundation in 2005.  They also donated artwork to the Taft Museum and a wardrobe / purse collection to the Behringer Crawford Museum that belonged to Melba Schott. Louis passed away in 1967, about 15-years before William C. Schott. Melba Schott died a year after Will.

The Louis and Melba Schott Foundation has no affiliation with the Pine Meer Foundation and the two entities are operated completely separately from one another.  However, the Pine Meer Foundation would like to recognize the Townsends and the Louis and Melba Schott Foundation by bringing attention to the grants and donations they have provided to numerous Cincinnati area charities since 2004.


For more information about the Louis and Melba Schott Foundation, and to apply for grants that may be available, please contact:


Fifth Third Bank 

38 Fountain Square Plaza

Mail Drop 1090HB

Cincinnati, OH 45263

Attn: John Kaminski

Sr. Trust Officer, Wealth & Asset Management


Bavarian Brewery Exibit:

The Schott family of Pine Meer were involved in the brewing business. William C. Schott, his brothers and his sons, operated the Bavarian Brewing Company for over 30-years. The family of his wife, the Riedlin family, previously operated the brewery for over 60-years. Some artifacts and Breweriana items the Schott family donated to the Behringer Crawford museum are shown to the right. 

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