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The former charitable activities of the Schott Family are briefly discussed below. Please see the current Gift Focus of the Pine Meer Foundation. 

William C. Schott Memorial Fields: Land was was acquired and donated by William C. Schott  near a local church, St. Antoninus, to be used for athletic fields. This acreage is located at the northwest corner of Cleves Warsaw Pike and Linneman Street and become known as Schott Fields. In recognition of this donation and to preserve the land for athletic use, this property is held by the William C. Schott Memorial Association.  


Bodman Widows Home: William C. Schott's mother, Elisa Heinzerling Schott, was active in this organization.  In addition, both her grandson and his wife, Louis (Lou) L. Schott and Virginia (Jinny) E. Schott, served on the board of the Bodman Widows Home.  They also actively participated in fund raising events that included a summer picnic and and winter fair, along with their children. 

Maple Knoll: The Bodman Widows Home was merged into Maple Knoll.  Lou and Jinny Schott were active in this merger and also served on the Board of Maple Knoll, along with several of their friends who were also interested in charitable endeavors.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital (Auxillary Group Holding the Annual Cincinnati Antiques Festival). Virginia Schott, Lou Schott's wife and William C. Schott's daughter-in-law, became the Chairman of this Festival in its second year. It was held for 50 years and over that span raised over $4 million for the hospital. 

Cincinnati Woman's Club: Virginia Schott, Lou Schott's wife and William C. Schott's daughter-in-law, became an officer of this club in the 1970's and served as its Treasurer. 

Deaconess Hospital:  William C. Schott donated funds for an expansion of this Cincinnati Hospital. 

Murals at Western Hills High School: William C. Schott and his eldest son William R. Schott, along with a few other individuals and the Class of 1930, donated funds for murals by Frances Wiley Faig and Edward Charles Volkert that were installed in this school shortly after it was opened in the fall of 1928. 

Endowed Scholarships: 

At the University of Cincinnati College of Medicene, in remembrance of William C. Schott and Lucia Riedlin Schott, their grandson established a scholarship that is awarded ever other year for four years with a preference to graduates from West Side Cincinnati High Schools and graduates of Ohio Wesleyan.

At the University of Cincinnati Design Art Archicture and Planing (DAAP), in remembrance of of Virginia Erhardt Schott, her son established a scholarship with a preference to graduates from West Side Cincinnati and Kenton Co. High Schools awarded annually.

At the University of Denver, Daniels Graduate School of Business, in remembrance of Louis L. Schott, his son established a scholarship awarded annually.

At Ohio Wesleyan University, in remembrance of Louis L. and Virginia Erhardt Schott, their son established a a Summer Study Abroad Program awarded annually. 

Behringer - Crawford Museum & Kenton County, KY

Funding and design work was provided for the permanent Bavarian Brewery Exhibit, as an extension of the Behringer - Crawford Museum, at the Kenton County Government Center. The south wing of this complex consists the brewery's former Brew and Mill Houses which was repurposed for office space comprising the south wing of this county structure. The Bavarian Brewery was owned by the Riedlin and Schott families for some 80 years beginning in 1882. In addition, funding was provided for the Riedlin - Schott Room to be used for community meetings and events and for exterior lighting of the former Brew and Mill Houses.    


The background image is a Pine Meer photograph of the veranda off of the Music Room situated above a summer sleeping room.  Stone steps on the left lead to the Formal Garden.

For the complete series of these Pine Meer photos, please refer to this website's Contact Us page.

All photographs are copyrighted and reproduction is prohibited without written permission.

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