Focused Giving
To Your Favorite Non-Profit Organizations

People often want to support those organizations closest to where they live or where they have special connections.  Especially if you've ever considered yourself a "West-Sider," you may want to support deserving organizations on the West Side of Cincinnati, as well as a few others in Greater Cincinnati &/or in Ohio.  However, it can be burdensome to make individual donations to numerous organizations.  And if you give to a larger charity, like a United Way, it can support organizations that are outside of your neighborhood and which you may not have as strong as an interest to support. Further, once you give to an organization, you can often be bombarded with additional gift requests frequently - forever. Giving to a central charity like the Pine Meer Foundation prevents this annoyance, as we keep your information confidential and will not bother you with additional gift requests. 


The Pine Meer Foundation provides flexibility by allowing your gift to be be a specific amount for any organization and whenever you want. 


Pine Meer Foundation has chosen several charities that you can select from by using our  Online Donation Form. A list of these organizations also includes those that the Pine Meer Foundation plans to sponsor with matching gifts.  For the remainder of the year, we we will donate up to $1,000 for each designated charity. We will divide your gift equally to those organizations. At this time, the minimum donation is $10 per charity. As an alternative, you can also make donations by check, please download and fill out Check Donation Form which should be used to accompany your check. 

Each year our Foundation plans to set aside specific funds for a certain group or specific non-profit charities that will receive matching funds from us, up to the amount of our annual allocations. If your group is not listed, and you would like to be considered, please contact us.

Endowment Giving

Should you be interested in supporting the efforts of the Pine Meer Foundation on an ongoing basis, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the establishment of an endowment. 

Our Foundation charges no added or extra fees in the gifts we transfer to other organizations, other than applicable credit card / paypal processing fees.  Administrative fees for our Foundation are minimal as we not pay any salaries; all of our work is from volunteers.  

For more information please contact:

Susan Nunnery 


Pine Meer Foundation

Phone: 888-272-8824

Email: slnunnery@hotmail.com

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