In gratitude for funds that William C. Schott provided to acquire lands for athletic fields available for the St. Antoninus Parish and neighborhood children, the above named association was established in March, 1970.  The ownership of the land for these fields became vested in this non-profit entity to protect its future use for athletic purposes. According to the founding mission of the William C. Schott Memorial Association, the property and the activities supported thereon are to help prevent juvenile delinquency through sports and athletics.

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5520 Cleves Warsaw Pike

In the 1960's, a local church and school adjacent to the Pine Meer Estate,  St. Antoninus, was expanding and was interested in obtaining land for athletic fields that the children associated with their parish could use. William C. Schott provided some pasture land for that use, which was part of Pine Meer.  It was situated north of the estate's orchard and was near what is now Sylved Lane and Quailwood Court.   The Covedale Athletic Association (CAA) also used these fields for baseball in the early 1960's. 


However, to provide permanent athletic fields for the church, William C. Schott donated funds to help acquire some land closer to the church with better access. It was formerly a farm situated at the northwest corner of Cleves Warsaw Pike and Linneman Road. This acreage has become known as Schott Fields and there is a plaque that commemorates this donation on a stone wall that supports a flagpole facing the main road.  (See 


Today, the St. Antoninus Athletic Club leases Schott Fields for club use and league play normally involving children through the eighth grade. Various sports are supported, including baseball, football and soccer.

Since 2018, The Pine Meer Foundation has been providing financial support to the William C. Schott Memorial Association and the St. Antoninus Athletic Club, and we are in the process of expanding this program to other youth athletic groups. In particular, we want to express our appreciation to all those individuals for participating in our Matching Funds program.

The background image is a photograph of the Right Gate Entrance to Pine Meer taken in 1929.

A plaque on the column shows the name of the owner of the estate, Wm. C. Schott. 

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