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THE TALE of the

William C. Schott purchased 70 acres with a house and lake on the northwest corner of Cleves Warsaw and Anderson Ferry Rd. around 1920 from the estate of Timothy Hayes. The former home was older and not in good condition. It was demolished and construction of a new and larger home on this site began in 1922 and was completed in 1924. The property was named Pine Meer. (The name "Meer" is from its German meaning of sea or lake. Therefore, the estate's name can be translated to mean Pine Lake.)  A full page pictorial, showing several of the same pictures that utilized as the backgrounds of this web site, was featured in the Art Gravure Section of The Cincinnati Enquirer on Sunday, July 28, 1929.  (For more information about the Pine Meer Estate please visit: )


In a local article that described the property purchase shortly after the transaction occurred, it indicated that the intention of William C. Schott (Will) was to retain 10 acres for the main home site including the lake, and sell lots around the property. Instead, Will actually increased the size of Pine Meer by purchasing some additional acreage. It wasn't until some fifty years after the property was purchased, around 1970, that the pasture acreage north of the main house, now consisting of Quailwood Court, began to be subdivided into lots by his youngest son, Louis L. Schott. A few years later, a land parcel sold for the development of Pennsbury Condominiums by Towne Properties. In the late 1970's Sylved Lane was extended and homes began being built on Manortree Court. Later, in the 1980's the Pine Meer  condominium homes were built on the Anderson Ferry side of the main property.   The acreage along the entrance drive to the main house has also been subdivided into lots after around 2010.  Today, all that remains from the former Pine Meer Estate is just a few acres, which includes the lake and the area immediately surrounding the manor house and coach house with the garage.  


As a consequence of the subdivision of the land comprising the original estate, and a deterioration of the grounds and lake, Pine Meer no longer possess its past charm. However, the photos that accompany and that are displayed on this site may help rekindle some fond memories and provide a glimpse of the former estate that was home to the Schott families for some 65 years. 

The background image is a Pine Meer photograph of the front of the Manor House. However, the main entrance was actually on the other side of the house. From left to right on the main level were; the informal dining room, the formal dining room, the living room (on either side of the fireplace, and the music room.

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