Matching Funds For Westside 



As previously mentioned, a focus of the Pine Meer Foundation (PMF) is on youth athletics.  Consequently, the Foundation has decided on a gifting plan to several non-profit youth athletic organizations, primarily on the Westside of Cincinnati, but also in the in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  They include:


William C. Schott Memorial Association

St. Antoninus Athletic Association

Oak Hills Youth Athletics

Delhi Athletic Association

Cincinnati YMCA Synchrogators (Synchronized Swimming)

West Side Little League (of Hamilton, OH)

Kenton County Youth Athletics (KY)

Besides making direct contributions to these organizations, we also have a "Matching Funds" program that is available to each of the above mentioned athletic associations. We will currently provide an additional dollar for each dollar we receive of up to $1,000 in funds received in a calendar year. This means that if we receive $1,000 for a certain group, it will receive $2,000 from us. Disbursements from donations received will be made to these designated organizations no later than quarterly and donors will receive an acknowledgement for their gift, which can also be used if they are itemizing their deductions. A minimum donation of $100 is required per individual, which can be to one or multiple organizations. The donor can elect to share their name with the charitable organization(s), or be anonymous.  We can also match cumulative proceeds collected from an event, such as a golf outing.

Other organizations that the Pine Meer Foundation plans to sponsor and that it will accept donations on their behalf, but without matching funds at present, are:

Western Hills Alumni Association

Z98 FM Radio

Kenton County Historical Society

If you would like to donate individually to all of these organizations, or just to certain ones selected, please do so on the Donation Form

Should you like to recommend other organizations for the Pine Meer Foundation, please let us know. You can reach us at

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