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In making gifts and grants, The Pine Meer Foundation (Foundation) is primarily focused on youth athletics promoting teamwork and health. Our geographic emphasis is primarily for the Greater Cincinnati area, and especially the West Side of Cincinnati, as stated in our Mission Statement.  In particular, the Foundation wants to encourage local residents to support their non-profit organizations involved not only in athletics and health, but also in other areas supported by the Foundation including the education and appreciation of; art, music and historic preservation.

The focus of the Foundation is intended to be rather broad to allow for an expansion of our gifting as we grow.  However, as the Foundation has only recently been established with limited funds, our gifting has been more limited at this stage. As mentioned, we are initially focusing on youth athletics on the West Side Cincinnati centered in the vicinity of the former Schott Family Pine Meer Estate.   

Besides the gifting made by the Foundation, its Directors, Trustees and others involved with the Foundation or other non-profits, may make donations that align with our mission that we intend to acknowledge. Further, we also plan to bring awareness to scholarship endowments that have a preference to residents and students from Cincinnati and Ohio as well as the gifting or loan of artifacts to museums by members of the Foundation.  Examples of these are shown under Scholarships and  Special Museums. 

If you would like to donate individually to a specific non-profit organization or more than one that we are sponsoring, or make a donation that allows the Foundation to increase its sponsorship and gifting, please do so on the Donation Form.

Organizations for Future Support


The Foundation will select non-profit organizations to receive donations that qualify with our mission and meet our criteria. We will also consider recommendations to support other such organizations, at  However, such suggestions will need to conform with our Grant Criteria and may need to complete a Grant Application.   

The background image is a photograph of the fence line covered with a flowering hedge and a mail box at Pine Meer off of Cleves Warsaw Road taken in 1929.

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