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Often overlooked, but places that hold keys to the areas history and heritage, are some small, but very interesting and specialized museums. In particular, two such museums that warrant attention are the Behringer - Crawford Museum in Covington, KY, and the Zanesville Museum of Art in East Central Ohio. There are pottery exhibits in the aforesaid museums.  In addition, in the Kenton County Government Center there is are Bavarian Brewery Exhibits.  (Please see below.) If you're looking for something cultural, historical or different to visit, please consider visiting these attractions. Some exhibit highlights in these museums, as indicated below, have received personal support by the Founder of the Pine Meer Foundation.

The Riedlin-Schott Community Room

and the Bavarian Brewery Exhibits

In Conjunction with the Behringer Crawford Museum, Located at the:


Lobby and 2nd Floor of the South Wing - in the former Bavarian Brewery Brew/Mill House

1840 Kenton Simon Way, Covington, KY 41011

The Story of the Brewery (1866 - 1966)
Told In A Replica of Its Main Buildings

The main Bavarian Brewery display is a 30-foot by 10 foot structure that resembles the mirror image of the former brewery and is a large story board that tells its history. The windows contain photos, images and text that explain the history of the brewery from 1866 up to its present use as part of the Kenton County Government Center in 2019. For a period from 1995 to 2006 the former brewery was used as Brew Works and Jillian's. Next to the main display is a wall with acrylics of brewery items and a barrel display that shows various bottles, cans, labels, mugs and other brewery artifacts. There are also two display cases upstairs above these first floor displays with additional exhibits in a hallway leading to the Rieldin - Schott Room. This room contains original neon signs, exhibits, fermentation doors and barrel lids that tell the chronology of the particularly the early owners - pre 1882. There is also a display case with pictures of the founder, Wm. Riedlin, and steins from the Bavarian Tap Room.

Above are photos of the Bavarian Brewery display, exhibits and the Riedlin-Schott Room.

The Schott family of Pine Meer were owners and operators of the Bavarian Brewing Co., which operated the Bavarian Brewery in Covington, KY.  They also acquired the former Heidelberg Brewery in Covington in 1949 and a former Bruckmann Brewing facility in Cincinnati a year later.  William C. Schott, his brothers and his sons, operated the Bavarian Brewing Company for nearly 30-years, beginning in 1938. The family of his wife, the Riedlin family, previously operated the brewery for over 50-years, beginning in 1882. Some artifacts and Breweriana items the Schott family donated and loaned to the Behringer Crawford museum are shown in the barrel display above. Additional artifacts have been placed display cases on the first and second floors. A web site descibing the brewery's history and artifacts is at

Support for the exhibits above and below is provided by a member of the Foundation.

Behringer - Crawford Museum 

1600 Montague Road, Devou Park, Covington, KY 41001


Kenton Hills & Wm. Hentschell Pottery

The vases shown on the left are being loaned to the Behringer Crawford museum by the Director of the Pine Meer Foundation for an exhibit. Besides featuring examples mostly from William Hentschel while at Kenton Hills Pottery in Covington, KY, a couple pieces of his work from Rookwood are also included. 



of Melba Schott (Wife of Louis Schott)

Melba Schott, the wife William C. Schott's brother, Lou Schott, had an extensive of clothes and purses dating from the 1920's.  Her daughter, Melba Ann Townsend, donated these collections to the Behringer - Crawford Museum. Some of Melba's items are occaisionally on exhibit at this museum. Since Lou was the former President of Bavarian Brewing Co. (1946-1955) he had a few artifacts from the brewery that the family also donated to the noted museum.  These are displayed in the Bavarian Brewery Exhibit, mentioned above.

Zanesville Museum of Art 


A Monumental Tiger Eye Vase

If you have an interest in Ohio art pottery, you'll be marveled at the collection in this museum. The main firms that competed with Cincinnati's Rookwood Pottery, e.g. Weller, Roseville and J. B. Owens, were located in Zanesville, OH. This museum has an extensive collection of items made by these and other former potteries and tile firms primarily located in the Zanesville area. It also has an interesting collection of Americana art.

This museum is currently displaying a monumental and rare Tiger Eye vase made at Rookwood in Cincinnati that was displayed at the Paris Exposition in 1901. This was the same exposition where the Uranus Vase, another tiger eye vase, won the grand prize.  It is on loan from the founding member of the Foundation.   A one way drive from Cincinnati to Zanesvile is about 2.5 hours. But if you happen to be from Cincinnati and in the Columbus area for a football game or a visit, this museum is only an hour away. 

In Cincinnati & Ohio

Please learn of other museums and places of interest in Greater Cincinnati and Ohio. 

The background image is a Pine Meer photograph of the Formal Garden taken in 1929.

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