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Grant Purpose:


To support The Mission of The Pine Meer Foundation

Grant Preferences:


1. Any 501(c)(3) organization, primarily in the geographical territory, mentioned in our Mission.

2. A unique program that other organizations are not providing and where the organization has a financial need.

3. Requests for funds to be used within 12 months of receipts.


Grant Limitations:


1. Unable to fund major capital improvements  or sustain the organization.

2. Programs that overlap with other local non-profit organizations will be given lower priority.

3. Like most Foundations, the Pine Meer Foundation  is unwilling to assume responsibility tor the long-term support of any organization or activity.

TO APPLY FOR A GRANT, and if you qualify under the Foundation's Mission and preferences and are not subject to the limitations, and are interested in receiving support for your public non-profit organization, please submit an application, which can be downloaded below.

The background image is a Pine Meer photograph of the Coach / Carriage House taken in 1929.

For a complete series of these Pine Meer photos, please refer to this website's Contact Us page.

All photographs are copyrighted and reproduction is prohibited without written permission.

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