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To improve the well being and quality of life for the youth and elderly, primarily living on the West Side of Cincinnati as well as Greater Cincinnati and other areas, through an emphasis on athletics, health, education, historical preservation and the appreciation of art, music and the outdoors. 


The Pine Meer Foundation (Foundation) is an Ohio based non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation established in Cincinnati, OH. 

Rookwood Plaque of Cincinnati Fountain Square

by Edward Menzel & Caroline Williams, 1957. 


THE PINE MEER FOUNDATION (PMF) provides financial assistance and support to various non-profit operating organizations, in accordance with our Mission. Our initial focus is in providing assistance to youth athletics.

To encourage others to give locally, we have a matching funds program that is dollar for dollar, doubling your donation. Several non-profit athletic groups, mostly on the west side of Cincinnati, are eligible for this program as explained at Westside Youth Athletics. Such donations can either be made by: A check using a Donation & Gift Form that can accompany your check. Or, using PayPal via an Online Donation Form.


In addition to a focus on giving, our Foundation encourages visits to museums and other places of interest, which help contribute in making the Cincinnati area, as well as Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky,  unique and special.   


The Foundation was established to recognize and continue the philanthropic efforts of the Schott Family* that formerly resided on a property once known as Pine Meer Estate in western Cincinnati.   


Photographs of Pine Meer from the 1960's 


The Pine Meer Foundation

L. Ried Schott, Founding Member

& Managing Director

Susan Nunnery, Director & Secretary

​Telephone: 888-272-8824


Also, see the Contact Us page.

Hint: It's at Western Hills High School. 

The Pine Meer Foundation is not affiliated and has no relationship with:

  • Pine Meer Condominiums

  • The current owners and residents of homes on the former Pine Meer Estate

  • Walter, Charles J. or Marge Schott

  • Marge & Charles J. Schott Foundation  

The background image is a photograph of the Left Gate Entrance to Pine Meer taken in 1929

and shows the name of the estate on the stone column.

For the complete series of these Pine Meer photos, please refer to this website's Contact Us page.

All photographs are copyrighted and reproduction is prohibited without written permission.

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